Meet DOLLY DOODLING and future plans

Meet DOLLY DOODLING and future plans


Why we are in love with DOLLY DOODLING and future plans

There are many ballerina drawings and doodles and many of them beautiful and nice, but when I stumbled on this doodled ballerina I immediately fell in love and had to get her for my ballet athleisure collection. 

She looks shy, yet confident. She breathes fashion and fun and loved by all ages, because she is Disney-ish, Betty Boop-ish, childish, but at the same time shows off all her grown-up feminine style. She is elegant, graceful and sweet, ... and above all, she is a ballerina.    

I think I found my brands mascot. You know the Michelin Man, Mr. Peanut, Mickey Mouse, Rich Uncle, Julio Pringles, Mario, Colonel Sanders ( .. all men by the way) and in streetwear you have Baby Milo, Cool Cats, Polo Bear and don't forget the croco from Lacoste  ( ... all animals). They are all loved mascot faces of the brands. DOLLY DOODLING gives my DOLLY brand a face and signs the ballet DNA perfectly as well, don't you think?

Once I got her fully licensed by young artist Georgie Mackrill I started designing our new lifestyle concept: Athleisure: casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Everybody needed to accustom to a new way of life this year by staying and working from home, which involves a change in the wardrobe. Comfortable remaining stylish and to keep healthy and fit exercising is done mostly at home as well. DOLLY's signature has always been comfortable coming from the ballet inspiration, so my new DOLLY SPORTS collection with hoodies, yoga leggings , shirts, sneakers and socks was born. Girls, Teens and Women can indulge themselves and move through life with a new friend DOLLY DOODLING. 


DOLLY DOODLING is for creative colorful Dolly girls who love colors, coloring, drawing and doodling. 

Doodles:  When I was young the phones were stuck to the walls, so you’ll sit next to the phone talking. While doing that you start drawing doodle on this old fashioned block note. The next person, my older brother, having a phone conversation, doodled on that same drawing. After a certain time this doodle becomes quite a piece of art and that piece of paper so thin some lines were doodled over so many time, they cut the paper…

Colors: My DOLLY slogan ' Confess Color' comes from my passion for colors. As a child I loved the primary colors from Piet Mondriaan and the Gerrit Rietveld chair ( Both Dutch artists). The DOLLY DOODLING collection shows, besides our ballet blush, some new bold colors and I literally mean a new color. Ever heard of YinMin? It's not just a new color, it is a new pigment. ( it has been more than 200 years since an actual new pigment has been found). DOLLY DOODLING is available in YinMin and it will Blue your mind :-)


Our in-house muse model is growing into a Teen, so my designs and inspiration grow with her. She loves hoodies and sweaters with a good design and print, therefore the DOLLY brand expands with many styles for Teens and Women. The new ballet flat collection is also available in women sizes, and match and give our DOLLYSPORTS line the perfect ballet touch. I am not wearing anything else these passed months but our new hoodies, ballet flats and sneakers to test them and I'm not shy to share I am feeling quite Dolly with all :-)


The DOLLY DOODLING collection is ethically made-to-order just for you so you will have an exclusive piece and because we don't mass produce there is no overstock which is better for our planet. This fits in the slow-fashion trend, but I need you to know that the DOLLY brand has always followed this new trend when I started 16 years ago creating continuous and timeless styles... even when I love fashion, I hate seasonals that are suddenly ' out of fashion' after hanging in store for a ridiculous short time of 2 months. So remember that Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion. 

Get active, colorful and comfy with DOLLY DOODLING




For designer lovers our DOLLY brand fans will be treated to our upcoming additions of Athleisure featuring our famous slogans. More themes will follow and also be on the look out for our line of sportswear for boys, teens and men. Your DOLLY designer has, besides daughter and muse model, 4 big boys grown into men as inspiration :-) 


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