... DOLLY is feeling Lucky.... we made new friends and you can meet them soon too.

A new Doll series 'LUCKY' with 9 stunning Bjd dolls, with beautiful eyes, hair and clothes. Very stylish and will be loved by many Dolly girls, grannies and everybody loving the Doll world.


Find Sunny with her white hair wearing a tiny Tux suit ready for the classic music world.

Lillian is a brunette and wears a pink camo set, and a rainbow shirt

Clara has light pink hair with the sweetest pink dress with bunny ears

Pearl is also very classic styled with shiny hazelnut hair, salopette with pearls and the cutest socks

Cherie with her black braids comes with a dotted blouse and a little boho bag

Frances comes straight of the catwalk: a red head, blouse, skirt, glitter knee socks and logo ribbons, which are the latest

Michelle is ready for fun and snow with her furry snowmen dress up suit

Irma is the rebel and fashionable one: silver hair with silver shorts and a hoody.

Bonnie has golden hair and wears a very romantic dress, ready to look for 3 bears in a forest

Many doll clothing sets, including the original ones each Lucky doll is wearing, are available as well, for many hours of fun and dressing up.

All these dolls are very LUCKY to be sold at DOLLY!

Collect them all!