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Beautiful characters inspired by classical ballets and historical plays. Meet Ondine, ( a water nymph), Belle, (from Beauty and the Beast), Enchanted ( classic storybook magic ), a Forest Fairy, Bejeweled ( a stunning tutu dress dipped in a pirates treasure chest) and as piece-the-resistance we have the queen of the fairies ‘Titania’.  


Dolly new flagshipstore

Very excited! New DOLLY location, right in the heart of Shanghai at the Grand Gateway 66 mall Shanghai Plaza on the 4th floor with shop number 478. The perfect place to discover and buy the collection. Opened september 2018. Read more > 



Dolly's impressive embellishments are all carefully made by hand in India. Here you see the dragonfly embellishment on the fur coat from the Beauties & Beasts collection, made of many beads, stones and diamonds. Shop Fur coat with this Dragonfly > 



Director and designer Anne-Marie van Dijk, daughter of a pianist and a very inspiring and artistic mother, started her business Le Petit Tom ® in 2005 after having four of her now five children , who were a very important inspiration, as well as her love for outstanding stylish products, fashion, photography, trading, graphics and creative design. She is very well known for her creativity since she was a child. As a young girl she was always passionate about beautiful shops and shop-windows. Immediately after graduating in Fashion, Trading and Graphic Design, she got  a job as a salesperson in a decorative branche and soon worked her way up and participated in all areas of trading and shopkeeping. From making window-displays to webdesign, from logistics to international business relations, and all in between, she proved to be a professional, and, above all, very original, which is the success of running this exclusive store.

Le Petit Tom ® became famous and well known for introducing new, celebrity style brands into the baby branch and market for the Netherlands and Europe.

This success of Le Petit Tom ® resulted in a private label collection DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ®. Inspired by her 5 children, style icons ( especially Audrey Hepburn), classic movies, ballet, and more personal likes of the Dolly designer, a collection was created. Beautiful classic petticoats, dresses and ballet tutu's, to wear everyday. DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® is sold in many countries all over the world online and in specialty stores and boutiques.


They have impressive sparkling embellishments! 


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