About The Brand

 She dressed her baby in a dress for the first time, held her up high, smiled and said:

‘’You look just like a DOLLY!’’ - the Dolly designer

Director and designer Anne-Marie van Dijk, daughter of a pianist and a very inspiring and artistic mother, started her business Le Petit Tom ® in 2005. Her five children were an important inspiration as well as her love for outstanding stylish products, fashion, photography, trading, graphics and creative design. She is very well known for her creativity since she was a child. As a young girl she was always passionate about art, design, animals, nature, beautiful shops and shop-windows. She drew and painted a lot, went to classical & jazz ballet and sang in a pop band for 10 years in her teens. Immediately after graduating in Fashion, Trading and Graphic Design, she got  a job as a salesperson in a decorative branche and soon worked her way up and participated in all areas of trading and shopkeeping. From making window-displays to webdesign, from logistics to international business relations and all in between, she proved to be a professional and, above all, very original, which is the success of running her exclusive brand.

DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® is Luxury Ballet Fashion to wear everyday. Famous for 2 decades for our pettiskirts, tutus and dresses inspired by ballet, retro movies, fifties and sixties fashion created for girls who want to wear this everyday anyway. Beautiful and rich fabrics like tulle, chiffon, velvet, sequins and cotton are used to create this comfortable, fab, sophisticated and prestigious line for Dolly babies, girls, teens and women.
DOLLY is available in some great shops all over the world like Stockmann, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue, Babyshop .com and many other independent shops. DOLLY introduces continuous collections from stock and introduces new collections each season.

...cause they want to wear this everyday anyway.