Magic of Mother Nature: Cotton, Crystals and Gemstones - DOLLY presenting AW19 at Playtime Paris and Ciff Youth

Magic of Mother Nature: Cotton, Crystals and Gemstones - DOLLY presenting AW19 at Playtime Paris and Ciff Youth

Believe it or not, but Crystals and Gemstones have magic! 

Here's a story about inspiration and some wandered off personal chit chat 

My new collection of DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® is called the Jewelers Crystals Collection. Let me tell you all about where my inspiration came from. My grandfather, whom I unfortunately never met because he passed away long before I was born, was a jeweler and he used many real crystals and gemstones in his jewelry. Everybody, especially girls, must remember that as you saw a real crystal stone or gemstone they had something special. The colors, the shape, shiny or not. The knowledge that these stones had 'power' came to me through two women, a mother of a friend of mine Rini and the other a very dear friend of my mother, Ada which I called 'aunt Ada'. Clear Crystal they used to give me during my teens. Good for everything if you did not need a stone for something in particular. They told me if the stone did its job, cracks would appear, but that was a good sign. Personally I'm a very down to earth type, ( I come from Friesland, the part of the Netherlands where we are particularly known for that)  but crystals do give me a spiritual feeling that I like. If it works, fine, if it does not work, still fine. I simply love the crystals and gemstones for their colors, and how beautiful they can be used to make jewelry and embellish my DOLLY tutu dresses ..... and their energy :-) 

Thank you and in remembrance of grandpa, Ada and Rini and mother nature for her magic

Here's a sneak preview zoom of my personal favorite dress from the entire collection: The Moonstone dress. Crinkled cotton in a natural color. Bodice of cotton lace and embellished with real moonstones. The moonstone is a magical stone that connects you to your divine feminine and inner goddess.

And so my Jewelers Crystals collection originated. Crinkled Cotton, cotton lace, tulle, textured woven cotton are used for tutu dresses, skirts, maxi skirts, tops, maxi cape, tulle capes, jackets and many hand made necklaces and accessories. I used real crystals and gemstones like moonstone, onyx, lapis, emerald, clear crystal, rose quartz, aquamarine, amethyst, smokey topaz, citrine, clear quartz to embellish them. All hand made pieces with lots of details, hand crotched buttons and so on. Of course I added jewelry as well with real crystals and gemstones like earrings and armbands. Each one reflecting the ones from my grandfather and ones like I wore in my teens. ( I was a neat punk always wearing big modern shaped earrings. During my 20 years era of having kids practically none, due to avoiding the practical reason they'll rip them out of your ear, where I recently started wearing them again, since it's safe again... apart from our new wolf like pup we got since 7 weeks. Atka, new friend for Sofie, the little dachshund, which you know from appearing in all my photoshoots at least ones. Can't wait to use Atka in them, especially when she will be fully grown and looking like a real wolf )

The overall look of the Jewelers Crystals collection is very luxurious and high end but at the same time a very bohemian, easy to wear look. Boho Chic with the signature ballet element. I had parties, weddings and Dolly days at the beach in mind. After all my slogan for DOLLY still remains: '... cause they* want to wear this everyday anyway!'

* 'They' in above sentence refers to all little girls, wanting to wear their Dolly tutu 24/7, but for this collection I have the Dolly women in mind as well. So for you craving that mother and daughter look; go for it! DOLLY sells baby, girls and women sizes now. 

Each item from the Jewelers Crystal collection with gemstones is timeless and can be worn for seasons to come.... yes, I follow the 'slow fashion' trend but for me it's not a trend. The DOLLY brand I created almost 15 years ago with the slow fashion element already, because a DOLLY piece I create not as just a simple piece of clothing but more as a keepsake, great for a gift and for special days you worn it or your baby girl wore it to remember....sorry, I think I do get a bit off the earth now :-)  must come from having 5 wonderful children.    

The new Jewelers Crystals Collection of DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® is for AW19/ Holiday and Pre Spring 2020 seasons and will be presented at Playtime Paris on 26 -28 Jan. and from 30 Jan.- 1  Febr. at Ciff Youth Copenhagen 

Luxurious tutu dresses with real gemstones and Crystals

See u there,

with Dolly regards,

Anne-Marie van Dijk, designer of DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ®


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