Buzz is Back @lepepetittom!

You may remember Le Petit Tom ® from our Toy Story Toys with the real Buzz Lightyear and Woody talking dolls. Last buzz we offered is a while ago though, but...

Buzz is Back @lepetittom!  Due to so many requests from you if we still sold Toy Story and of course the joyful fact that Toy Story 4 will hit cinemas this summer 2019 we have re-opened the Toy Story toys department in our online shop here > 

Shop for the one and only real Buzz Lightyear talking doll ( this time finally with lights at the end of his wings, just like in the Toy Story movies), Woody talking doll, Woody's horse Bullseye ( also new with sound), Jessie and even evil emeror Zurg. All updated dolls with the new, but oh so desired, detail, ... the name 'Andy' written on the sole of their feet!