DOLLY's Ballerina's will be back .... and better

DOLLY's Ballerina's will be back .... and better

DOLLY’S ICONIC BALLET FLATS WITH A TWIST: The Dolly designer Anne-Marie van Dijk walks ballerinas all her life and in her teens was a neat punk. The classic ballerina's are decorated with 2 buckle belts inspired by her funky teens singing in a band and hitting the disco as well as the designers catwalk ballet flats. The buckle belts add a bit of attitude contrasting the sweetness of a ballerina shoe with some cool belts for confident Dolly girls! The Classic flats are also present in black patent, gold, red and of course ballet pink. Dolly added extra ribbons to wear any way you like. Look for the ' I'm DOLLY' ribbon

" Having walked the best ballet flat brands all my life, while walking the dogs everyday for at least 7km per day and climbed the Spanish Sierra Nevada twice, I've tried and tested our new DOLLY ballerina's intensively last months and I must say, they walk as comfy as my icon brands, so very proud to be able to offer all Dolly baby's, girls and women my latest version for a very small Dolly price "


Coming soon and available online here at and from early 2021 in many of Dolly's retailers online and instore like and many others.


Top of the Pico Veleta Sierra Nevada Spain on my flats. 





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