Designing new collections is... an obsession

Designing new collections is... an obsession

Last 2 weeks I have been extremely occupied, obsessed really, with ideas for designing new collections. So many I can fill a flagship. Once I have an idea I'm in a mind flow, which I always refer to as ' I'm in my design train'

Working from bed in a sleep state of mind. -  Best time for my creative ideas is on Saturday mornings, apparently, when I sleep in. My husband is always up early, around 7, when I also wake up. I remain in bed, because I promised myself to sleep in. Being awake now, my mind seems to have  a mind of its own and ideas, colors, styles and themes pop into my head like strokes of lightning, have no idea where they come from. When I think an idea is good I write it in notes on my phone. Close phone, put it back on the bedside table, turn myself around insisting to go back to sleep.  My mind runs overtime and more notes have to be put into my phone. Scared of loosing the stream of ideas.... good morning. 

Later, once I'm in the office, read the notes and putting all in perspective and start working on designs, look-book and marketing, text, photography ideas, every detail.

Dolly's new basics is my own imposed assignment. I want my brand to be wearable and available for girls, but also teens and women for all ages. I think that is because our inhouse muse model daughter Isabella is growing into a teenager. A line with styles less theatrical and less over the top but still have written Dolly allover. 

My inspiration is always ballet wear, where everything looks as feminine, gracious and luxurious as can be and needs to be comfortable to be able to move in at the same time. Looking stylish makes you feel good. Those two elements combined are the base I used to create the new collections. Wearing leggings under a ballet slip dress with a warm-up ballet wrap-over is my personal daily outfit. I wear this style for many years and always receive compliments how neat I look. Wore the same during all 5 pregnancies, due to the elastic and stretchy fabrics. When it’s warm I simply loose the leggings and wrap-over and voila a sundress. Comfort makes you like to wear it everyday. Like the slogan for our pettiskirt tutu’s for little princesses who want to wear those everyday anyway, applies to this collection as well for all ages.

The ' I am DOLLY' and 'Dolly Ballerina' collection will be available online soon.

Dolly regards from the Dolly designer Anne-Marie van Dijk

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