DOLLY by Dani Geddes Photography

DOLLY by Dani Geddes Photography

Dolly is honored to be photographed by Dani Geddes Photography.

Dani Geddes is a very talented, professional photographer and promotional manager and movie maker with a tremendous amount of creativity. She stands out with her signature style. When you see a photo you can tell it's a Dani Geddes.

I  love her style because it resembles our signature Dolly style with telling a story, a fairytale, visualize in the form of a movie poster like we do with our pettiskirts. It gives meaning and chararter and wants you to know more about it. That is why Dani's work is perfect for promotion.

Dolly had the pleasure to work with her on our Angels and Jeweler's Crystals Collection. With three beautiful models she created that vintage, yet modern look we all find appealing and makes you really stop and take a moment to look for a while. 

The Flower Angel dresses in mauve and coffee are featured like costumes from the museum worn by princesses from agent times. The Black Lace Dress with Chest Ruffle and the Diamond and Pearl lace dress with pompoms from Dolly's Jeweler's Crystals Collection are also displayed as a timeless portets. The Angela Doll, which is Dolly's modern fashion doll, blends in perfectly looking like she's coming from the same magical time.


We hope to work a lot more with Dani Geddes and create magical memories.

Visit her website:


Thank you Dani for your outstanding work,  

regards Anne-Marie, the DOLLY designer

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