Dolly Girl Shoes



As the Dolly designer I am enjoying my holidays in the south of Spain for the last 5 years. The most worn shoes in Spain are ... yes, correct Espadrilles. They look so simple and, not to be rude, dull in a way, but.... if you have ever worn them, you know why every Spaniard, men, women and children walks on these traditional shoes.  They are so comfortable, it's crazy. I walk miles and hike mountains on them, wear them during gardening and in winter as bedroom slippers. I think I have worn down a couple of dozen by now. Have them in all colors of the rainbow, to make sure they do match the clothes I'm wearing. They are very vegan with the jute and the canvas which fits in the now. No sweaty feet and no dirt gets in when walking the dusty roads of Spain.  Have to admit that my mother, who also wore the traditional as well as the wedge Espadrilles, which I found ugly as a child, but since my mother is no longer with us and I discover more and more she had many Spanish items, I now, as an adult, adore that so much as well as the Espadrilles shoes :-) 

 ... so there you have it, my inspiration for the style and material for Dolly's new shoe collection is clear: Spanish Espadrilles!

As a young girl I always loved the fifties & sixties Hollywood movie stars and especially their photos in black & white. It will not be news to you that Audrey Hepburn is one of the stars I love. Fashion from those two specific decades are also always the base of every Dolly collection. Those were times before I was even born, so don't know why I always loved those times.   In 1987 I was a 16 year old  and I had the oppertunity to visit London, because my eldest brother lived there at the time. I was a pretty punk in those days and saw the 'real' punks in Camden London and 'scored' a T-shirt with a Marilyn Monroe eyes and mouth which I found like it was gold. Also I bought a pair of brown leather lace up boots which were lined with fabric fully printed with a lot of different Hollywood movie stars in black and white. More gold for me. I don't remember the brand, but they were thrown away only after looking like boots worn by a poor person living on the street with holes which I did not care about. Remainings of several times glewing all back together would not mind me from wearing them to our band rehearsels and 'gigs' we had at the time. ( yes, I was a singer in a band for 10 years :-)   In those days printing was not as easy as now, and finding such items between the tees of Madonna and Prince was extremely rare, so if you did it was like finding gold.  Long time short I love fifties and sixties movie star pictures, fashion and art from those days like pop-art and the make-up with the big eye-liners.... all resulting in the new DOLLY Printed Fashion, Shoes and ...Make-up collections coming up.  I put our Angela doll pictures on all sides of the shoes, giving it a sweet colored pop-art look. The Dolly Face ( our brand mascotte, a ballerina with Dolly eyes) in color and black and white, Mrs. Golightly with all her icons and more. Each part of the shoes show something different, even on the inside, you can not stop watching these new Dolly jewels. Pure DOLLY Gold. Available online and made to order just for you, therefore you are sure you'll be walking in something exclusive not to find everywhere else.  


DOLLY's handmade footwear consists of very exclusive shoes starting at size 35. DOLLY's proud of her Wedge Espadrilles shoes with a feminine look, but with an unexpected sneaker style lace up giving it a sporty look at the same time. Great to wear with a chic slip dress, or pettiskirt or tutu or with a Dolly jogger and Bomber jacket to get an instant fashion statement. They are so comfortable to wear. In a flat style Dolly offers the Mule and Flats Espadrilles. Oh, don't forget our new DOLLY Sock collection with funky prints as well.... start walking Dolly!


Dolly also has socks, espadrille mules and flip flips for you :-)