Working on my new collection for AW20

Working on my new collection for AW20

My inspiration can go a lot of places but since my childhood always comes back to the fifties and sixties. Always remain surprised that everything looks so stylish for that time. The furniture, the cars, the fashion, hairdo, make up and photos. It is a time long before digital photos making every picture look like a work of art compared with the billions of images shot and posted on social. ( which I now love, by the way.)  Making a long story short, I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn as long as my memory goes back. Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classical movie that is packed with icon fashion, images, quotes and after 15 years of running my DOLLY company I, embarrassingly  only named my black Audrey Hepburn pettiskirt after her. Now it is time to make an entire collection from this called ‘ DOLLY Golightly’. I think I don’t have to explain the name, since every woman, client of DOLLY, shopping for her daughter and maybe herself, knows the name Holly Golightly, let alone, what this most stylish movie lady wore during 1 hour and 55 minutes of pure fantasy of Holly dreaming of having Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The chique colors of Tiffany Blue, Shocking pink, Black, Offwhite, Beige and even a bit of Orange are in this collection where I translated the ionic pieces from the movie to our ballet signature to make them as Dolly as possible.

Our bestsellers will also be turned into gifting pieces with the famous ribbon known from the jewelers store (D)Holly is having her famous croissant and coffee breakfast in front of their shopping window.

....o and I did not forget the orange cat which will also make an appearance in the new collection.

Can’t wait to show you the collection.

Sneak preview of AW20 

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