The new Andalucia Athleisure Collection and the Truth About Wolves

The new athleisure collection from DOLLY & DASH is all about ANDALUCIA

Andalucia is the world of the designers home away from home and it goes without saying that inspiration is not difficult to find there. Some of the greatest painters, artists, sculptors and designers from history came from Andalucia. ( Picasso, Dali, ...)

The collection features vibes and moods captured as arty photos by the designer Anne-Marie van Dijk while she resides in that magical part of Spain. One of her vibes comes from Lobo Park. A wolf park with wolves living in the wild to learn and study their natural behavior and available to visit by the public. Everybody is always fascinated about wolves, however people often have some misconceptions or know little about this beautiful canine. The founder Daniel Weigend ‘Wolfman of Antequera’ will share his visions, truth and knowledge when you visit Lobo Park yourself. Which you definitely should. Go to for all info and book a visit. You can even 'adopt' a wolf.

Watch the documentary 'The Truth About Wolves' to feel some of the vibes.


Docu Film by Abanja Films 

The athleisure collection featuring some of Lobo Park wolves will be available online here at  from spring 2021.

We donate part of each sold item to Lobo Park to support the impressive work they do!