AW22 inspiration & look inside the Dolly designers holiday home

AW22 inspiration & look inside the Dolly designers holiday home

For the passed 7 years I am having the luxury of spending every summer holiday in our home away from home in the south of Andalucia in Spain bringing me so much inspiration. Andalucia's nature is extremely diverse going from snowy mountains, sunflower, olive and almond fields to a desert and the Mediterranean sea all in reach within 1 or 2 hours drive. In these passed 7 years we've only seen just a fraction of what it has to offer.

This year we finally went to the desert in Tabernas Almeria where several hundreds of movies were filmed in a town build by the famous movie director Sergio Leone. Mainly spaghetti westerns like ' The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' , 'For a few dollars more', ' Cleopatra', 'Lawrence of Arabia and many Clint Eastwood films. Check here for a full list. The western town build by Mr. Leone still exists and is now a movie theme park with real shows, complete zoo and ........ a souvenir shop.  Of course we have to go to the souvenir shop. There I find this very big, handmade in Spain dreamcatcher with pink wooden beads. I want it and I already know where I want to hang it in our little castle. Above my head, to catch my dreams :-)

This beautiful dreamcatcher is crochet by hand and this became my inspiration for the new DOLLY collection for 2022 and already know that collection is again one to become popular and available for many year to come. ( that sounds really arrogant, I know, but it's just my enthusiasm speaking as well as my commerce brain. )

Crochet? Yes crochet. Crocheting used to be old fashioned, boring and for dull people. Crochet dresses come from the 70s, but crochet dresses are big and back on the catwalks since this year and soon into your DOLLY wardrobe. Our team is now very busy making completely new, reimagined crochet techniques with a modern look and of course our signature ballet style. Curious for the Crochet Dolly Collection with crochet tutu dresses?  There is also a little surprise product in the collection which will be a collectors item and great gift. We cannot wait to show you.

Red.  Here's a little look in the home away from home of the DOLLY designer. Here's where she's cookin' up many ideas to bring to her home in the Netherlands to finish ideas into real DOLLY Crochet tutu dresses for all you ballet and fashion lovers! Notice the handmade Crochet dreamcatcher.


The DOLLY CROCHET COLLECTION will be available in 2022 and for the shops selling Dolly, make sure you visit your sales reps showroom and the trade fairs from January 2022.  For more information you can email 

Ps. Did you know many famous people are 'yarnies' ? Meryl Streep ( one of of my fav actrices), Cher, Bette Davis, Aretha Franklin 

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