COMING SOON : DOLLY's Magical Makeup!  - Be(come)  DOLLY Tutorial

COMING SOON : DOLLY's Magical Makeup! - Be(come) DOLLY Tutorial

DOLLY's adding a special, exclusive Makeup line to complement and match our fashion collections.

DOLLY is known for our colorful line of pettiskirts, tutus and dresses for over a decade. The roots of the name DOLLY lies with the birth of our 5th child, a daughter. After having 4 wonderful boys, I had to dress up a girl in a dress for the first time. I was used to and fond of little pants and cute boys sweaters, so for me a completely new world. " She looks just like a 'Dolly'!' I said when I held her up high with her first dress on....

This little Dolly girl ( you know her from the style photos, she's our muse model ;-)  is now grown into an 13 year old tween. My brand grows up with her... thus Makeup has entered the Dolly House. Black lipstick, pink cheeks and eyes darkened with navy eye shadow. With her snow white face and long blonde hair and blue eyes, a true party to look at.  She does that all by herself and does not need parenting, because she's just experimenting during playing hours and then whipes it all off again just for fun. She and her friends enter my office to show their new faces, giggle and leave again. Let them be creative :-)     ( know that I was a punk when I was 14, with black hair, sometimes the newest color possible aubergine and extreme cat eyeliners, done by hand with kohl, and sometimes even a spiders web drawn on the side of my face...) 

After some research on the internet the average age where girls start experimenting makeup these days is eleven... so we still go by the book with daughter Dolly here.

We also know that it is not the baby's and girls, that do the actual shopping in our shop... it's usually mom, a woman using and needing makeup as well. With our beautiful, best-selling colors like ballet pink, mauve, rosepink, dark grey and many more, I created eye shadows, palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses, shimmers and eye-liners to match these Dolly fashion colors and collections. Teenagers and women will be attracted to the colors and the very high-quality. Professional makeup brushes will be available as well. We only use the very highest standards for ingredients and pigments. Match your DOLLY tutu with DOLLY makeup. 

DOLLY's Makeup line is:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben Free
  • Made in USA & Canada
  • EU compliant

Put on makeup as DOLLY's signature face with the big Doll(y) eyes or as the Dolly designers icon, Audrey Hepburn with glitters and a big cat eye line. You may think big winged tip eye lines are something new, but you should dive into makeup history and see what a wonderful world of make-up women lived in. That's why I love todays makeup trends, because it's very retro towards my favorite 1950's and 1960's. It was all glitter and glam!  ( can you believe below picture of Audrey is taken 54 years ago?) 

DOLLY's first makeup items are going to be available online soon ( expected fall 2021) to shop for yourself, your Dolly daughter, sister, friend, family... 

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