DOLLY SS19 at Playtime Paris

DOLLY SS19 at Playtime Paris

DOLLY at Playtime Paris July 2018 trade fair showing the new BOHO Ballet and Angels Collections. Thank you, Pascaline and friend for your stylish decoration and showing all color coordinated.

Many visitors from across the globe visited us and feedback was just as expected per country. Each country does like their specific Dolly items.

We can't wait to have these new collections available for your to buy online or in stores worldwide. Be patient for now, but spring the next spring will come eventually. 


Shelves full of stunning accessories and jewelry matching all dresses perfectly, but also can be mixed to match.  Spot Angela on the spot shelve :-) She is our new Dolly fashion doll and is available as pre order from this summer 2018 with her very own fashions clothing sets .... yes, made by DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® so you can buy her the popular DOLLY dresses. She allready comes complete with DOLLY's popular Pettiskirt, tutu bloomer and hair rosettes, so first collectors item are with first buy :-)   Angela comes in 13 beautiful hair colors.   


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