DOLLY & Scarlett, the Wanne Be a Model) Interview

DOLLY & Scarlett, the Wanne Be a Model) Interview

DOLLY is loved by Scarlett Isabella. She is 5 years and wants to become a model and is currently in the Dutch Top Model Program at

Below an interview with Scarlett and her mother Chineida


Hair and make-up: Richella Coats
Photo: Albert Omta
Dress, shoes & earrings: DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® 

DOLLY Timeless Tutu dress pink >  


Hi Scarlett and Chineida,

In the past year, Scarlett has participated in the Dutch Top Model Program at How did both of you experience this?

Our experience with has been very positive so far. Richella and Albert are always ready to answer questions and are involved in Scarlett's assignments.

Scarlett has had multiple collaborations. What are her highlights?

Our collaboration with Le Petit Tom ® and Scarlett as brandrep:  Scarlett has been wearing DOLLY by Le Petit Tom's clothes and ballet flats since she was a baby. When asked us which brands we want to be working with, we didn't hesitate at all. The quality and special girly garments immediately appeal to us. Scarlett really feels like a princess in the beautiful dresses of DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ®.


Where did Scarlett show the most of her growth?

Scarlett is freer during shoots and also more aware of her posture. Every shoot is a moment of growth. She likes to dress up and her hobby as a model fits in perfectly with this.

You said in the first interview that it is your wish for Scarlett to be discovered by high fashion from exclusive brands. Don't you think it's cool that Le Petit Tom also wants to publish this interview?

Scarlett is very happy to have this opportunity as she has been a fan of the brand for years. Working with Le Petit Tom is a dream come true. When there are internal shoots again, Scarlett would be thrilled to be able to participate.

Do you have any short-term wishes?

It was a bizarre year because of Corona, resulting modeling work was on a low profile everywhere. Step by step we are going back to the time it was before COVID-19. Scarlett hopes to have the opportunity to participate in a fashion week again. Just before COVID-19 was discovered, she was invited to participate in New York Fashion Week. This was a fantastic experience. We will wait and see the future of modeling events, so far she will continue to enjoy the modeling work and the beautiful experiences.

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