Dolly Fashion Face Masks Mouth Caps

Dolly Fashion Face Masks Mouth Caps

DOLLY'S Stay Healthy and Safe


DOLLY has created these beautiful Fabric Face Masks to assist in the global effort to help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic. They make a fashion statement matching your Dolly outfit. It is very important to note that Fabric Face Masks are not a replacement for medical grade masks and have not been tested or proven to protect against bio-hazards such as COVID-19. They are simply a step toward our community helping each other to prevent the spread of germs. These masks are machine washable and reusable, so they can be worn again and again. Please wash your mask regularly, ideally daily, to keep it fresh and hygienic. Handmade in London.

  • Face mask with elastic fitting
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable fit and shape to contour to your face
  • Machine washable and re-usable, tumble dry safe


Elastic Fitting

Small - 11 cm height - 11 cm elastic at each end, looped

Medium - 12.5 cm height - 12 cm elastic at each end, looped

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