Primeur voor Nederland Nieuw Babymerk Beba Bean ® uit Canada, met o.a. de megapopulaire Pee-pee Teepee...
Le Petit Tom ® is tevens exclusief distributeur voor de Benelux/ Europa van Beba BeanBent u winkelier en wilt u de Beba Bean collectie graag opnemen in uw assortiment, stuur dan een mail naar sales@lepetittom.nl

Beba Bean ® SHOES Classis, zeer luxe chique baby schoentjes FASHIONABLE KEEPSAKES. Her first pair of shoes will be a keepsake of how small she was, how fast she grew and how precious she is. Soft soled for baby’s growing feet, these shoes come in a variety of styles and a newly introduced line for boys. Styles available are: Desert Boots, Penny Loafers, Mary Janes, and Dance Shoes.

Beba Bean ® PeePee TeePee ™ , PeePee TeePees ™ ...for the sprinkling wee-wee. This cone-shaped cloth product makes diaper changes dry and easy! The ultimate diapering accessories for boys; the perfect addition to any baby shower gift.

Beba Bean ® BAMBOO zachter dan katoen Baby Slaapzakjes en Inbakerdoeken met Baby Mutsje. This complete product line is developed from 100% bamboo jersey. Bamboo is softer to the hand than cotton and possesses many natural characteristics.

Beba Bean ® KNITS Musthave Classis Style gebreide Cardigans babyvestjes met matching baby broekje. Made from the softest “non itch” cotton, our line of knit wear is inspired with vintage wooden toggles and delicate pearl knit stitch trim. This ensemble is all about details.

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