All fashion, shoes & bags from DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® are designed in The Netherlands by Anne-Marie van Dijk and manufactured according to the highest standards and materials and manufacturing is done in the most ethical way possible for nature and employees, all in esteemed ateliers with years of experience. 



See our Le Petit Tom ® trademark registration

See our DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® trademark registration



All chiffon pettiskirts, tutu’s and dresses are made with Oeko-Tex® certification, which means they are completely safe to wear. All of our products; knitted and woven lace products, made of polyamide/spandex, dyed and finished based on pe-certified materials according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 based on test report 37829.   See our ‘Evironmental Protection Certificate' with global validity.

These garments are made in Asia by our established ateliers specialized in bridal and couture skirts and dresses.

Preview from our ViVid Collection for AW17 made of exclusive jacquard fabric




Our DOLLY Girls shoes are made in Villena, in the province of Alicante in Spain, which is the shoe mecca of Spain for 300 years. Pure history!






Our DOLLY & TOM Baby Shoes are made in Italy in the same atelier the baby shoes from Dior, Fendi and Dolce Gabanna are made. Italian leathers are simply the best in the world and sourced from well fed, cared for cows without injuries, scars or disease. The refined Italian leathers give that extra glory to our little DOLLY shoe designs.




The LA DOLLY tweed fabrics come from the Linton Mills in UK, which is the same mill the tweeds from The House of Chanel are made. The LA DOLLY garments are then sewed in a premium atelier in Italy in the highest quality.

DOLLY is very proud to be able to produce and work with such famous and historical manufacturers who can make our DOLLY products with exquisite craftsmanship.   

Photos: Our Little Business Suit tweed fabric is a special design woven at the Linton Mills in UK:     



Our DOLLY Pearled Collection consists of cashmere and angora knits and our manufacturer uses the ecological way of sourcing and have the best care for the animals. The rabbits and goat hair is cut ( not plucked!) and shaved with the greatest care, attention and supervision. The better care for the animal, the more beautiful the wool is.

More About our Angora:

Angora Rabbits have very soft hair and is very popular for beautiful sweaters like our DOLLY Vintage Doll sweater > .  By nature angora rabbits shed their hair, just like dogs, and that 'extra' hair is used to make fibers. The angora used for our products are from the highest quality and are sourced from rabbits that are held by small farmer families like from below photos. The farms work under strict government rules. The rabbits are well cared for, both in terms of living conditions and in terms of food, because proper care ensures better health for the rabbit and better quality wool. This treatment is also reflected in the fact that the rabbits are not plucked, but combed when they are less then one year and shaved when the rabbits are more then one year with great care and attention and supervision. The quality of the wool determines the price and thus the livelihood of the farmer. The better the rabbits are treated, the better the wool. We only use this ethical and high quality fabrics for our products. Therefore our range is in the higher price class.


Please see the photos from a farm our English Angora Rabbit wool comes from:

The rabbits hair is cut and shaved with the greatest care, attention and supervision.


All this beautiful angora wool comes from this one cute rabbit.

After shaving the rabbit has short hair ( not bald) and

will have it's full fur back within 3 to 4 months.





The Dolly Fawn Collection are soft, sophisticated and refined knits made by our established atelier in Peru. Each piece is carefully made by hand

Baby Alpaca is known as the softest and most prestigious fiber in the world. Don't worry, it is simply a measure of fiber density, not fleece from baby alpacas. The first shearing of an Alpaca is called Baby Alpaca. Baby alpaca is a luxury fiber, as soft and high quality as cashmere. It is silky, durable, lightweight and has unique thermal properties. Perfect for Dolly baby’s. 


The alpaca is a camelid which can only bred at altitudes between 3,500 and 5000 meters above sea level, 95% of the alpacas in South America are found in the highlands of Peru.


Enjoy wearing our DOLLY products.