a Dolly Girl has: a ViVid Memory, a ViVid Imagination, a ViVid Personality
and have ViVid Dreams of wearing ViVid Colors from  The ViVid Collection

DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® designed an exclusive, high collection of dresses and gowns made from beautiful and luxurious jacquard fabric. Dolly’s Jacquard fabric gives an instant feel of being in a Palace or playing a leading role in a historical ballet. The Dolly ViVid Collection are sophisticated and refined dresses made by our established atelier specialized in ballet and couture fashion. Each piece is carefully made by hand.

Wear your DOLLY ViVid dress to show your ViVid Personality at a wedding or ceremony. Tell your ViVid Dreams at a party or prom. Feed your ViVid Imagination at the theatre or the movies. Perform ballet in your most ViVid colors … all because you’re a Dolly girl!