‘Walk the DOLLY red velvet carpet. Feel and wear this royal fabric ’

One of the most sensual fabrics with such an exclusive history is velvet. With a past that dates back to 2000BC in Egypt. DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® designed an exclusive, high collection of dresses and gowns made from this unmistakable, beautiful and luxurious material.
Every DOLLY girl will instantly feel she is on the stage of the Bolshoi theatre or the Royal Opera House with their ruby red velvet curtains and chairs when she’s wearing her DOLLY velvet ballet or fantasy gown.

The Dolly Velvet Collection are sophisticated and refined dresses
made by our established atelier specialized in ballet and couture fashion.

Each piece is carefully made by hand.
Wear your DOLLY Velvet dress to show your royalty at a wedding, ceremony, party or prom, to the theatre, the movies, ballet and every other day you feel you’re in the DOLLY mood!

A Famous Red Carpet Question: ‘Who are you wearing?’ Answer: ‘DOLLY'

DOLLY's stretch Velvet items are very comfortable to wear!

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